Video Review: Post Malone “Better Now”

In black-and-white, Post Malone drinks his beer and throws the can into the audience. He holds onto his microphone and turns his to the side, waiting.

A photo of him is on a phone. He touches fans’ hands while passing the barricade. He films on his phone and then takes a call. At various arenas, he jumps up and down on stage. Fans in the back rows wave their arms back and forth.

In a dressing room, he cuts a slit into a beer and drinks it from the bottom. He rides the elevator, wearing a Posty Co. t-shirt. Backstage, he rides a scooter. He continues to perform on stage as the lights flash. He lights a cigarette and wears a tiara. Police officers on motorcycles follow him out of the venue.

He talks backstage with some of the crew. On stage, he pauses at the microphone. He plays the guitar while in the dressing room. He raps into the microphone.

Rating: 0/5

Post Malone blinks as he wakes up at 1:30 in the afternoon. He burps as he walks into the bathroom and wipes his face. He turns on the radio station and plays the air guitar. During a riff, he turns up the volume. The young woman groans as she gets out of bed, saying it’s too early.

Malone takes a few phone calls and drinks some beer as he watches television. His assistant stops by and asks him if he wants some food. Malone says sure and tells him to get some fast food. His assistant takes the money and heads for the drive-thru.

Still in last night’s underwear, he stumbles around the house and curses as he bumps into the coffee table. The young woman raises her eyebrows and mumbles an excuse to get out. She and his assistant exchange glances as she leaves. His assistant walks in with the hamburgers and fries. Malone sits on the couch and gulps it in several bites. His assistant asks if he has showered at all today and tries to lead him towards the bathroom. Malone lights up a cigarette and tells him to back off. His assistant gets out some clothes for him and cleans up the room a bit as Malone showers.

Director: Adam Degross Year: 2018

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