Video Review: Colbie Caillat “Realize”

Colbie Caillat stands by the door of her cabin. She stands by her desk, arms folded and then walks to her chair. She sits at her desk and writes a letter. She walks down the tree-lined path and gets into her car.

As the sun sets, she plays the guitar in her backyard.

She drives down the highway.

A young man looks out the window of his apartment. He sits at his desk in his study and writes a letter. He grabs his jacket and leaves. He walks to his truck parked on the curb and drives out the city. He arrives in the country. She enters the city.

They both head to each other’s houses and knock on the door. After waiting for a response, they both slip their letters through the door. She drives back home. He leans against his door, his eyes closed. She smiles once she sees the young man waiting for her.

Rating: 2/5

Colbie Caillat invites the young man inside for coffee. She asks him how long he’s been waiting. He says only a half an hour. She picks up the letter on the floor and opens it. He shifts his feet back and forth as he stares at the floor. She puts her hand over her mouth as she reads his letter. He has loved her for many years but couldn’t tell her. However, he believes now is the time for them to be together. He says he understands if she doesn’t want to be with him but he wants to continue to be in her life, if possible.

She tells him she loves him, too and explains she went over to his house to tell him the same thing. He exclaims “Oh my God” and heaves a sigh of relief. He says he was scared she was going to say she only wanted to be friends.  They hold hands as they walk to the couch. They stare into one another’s eyes and kiss.

They choose a place for dinner and they talk about when they first fell in love. He says he was dating someone else when he knew he was in love with her. He was bitter for a long time, thinking he had missed his chance. She said it was when her dog needed to go the urgent care. He was the person she wanted to call first. However, since he was seeing someone else, she went with her brother. He puts his hand over hers and says he’ll always be there for her now.

Director: Phillip Andelman Year: 2008

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