Video Review: The Weeknd “Call Out My Name (Version 1)”

In the dark, a young woman lies on her kitchen counter. The televisions, with the exception of one which features The Weeknd singing, are fuzzy.

Lit in crimson, the young woman sits up and rolls her head. The television focuses on his lips. His face can be seen on a second television. She turns to watch him. Lit in cobalt, she swings her legs over the counter. She crawls towards the television and touches his face.

Lit in crimson, she cowers on the floor and stands up to watch him. Rotating back to the cobalt, she sits on the counter again and listens. She lies down.

Rating: 5/5

She’s responsible for The Weeknd’s pain. It was something he didn’t deserve. She thinks of calling him to check on him. However, she knows after hearing his song, he wants nothing to do with her. She did care for him, though. It sears her that he believes he was a game to her.

It should’ve stayed a romantic friendship. But one night, she ended up in his bed, kissing him until she could no longer breathe. He wanted her and talked with her. Someone actually needed her. However, she wasn’t ready. She knows that now. They began dating. Her ex-boyfriend continued to contact her, though, saying he missed her and what’s she doing with The Weeknd? She ignored them at first. Her best friend was excited for her and invited them over for dinner.

During dinner, her best friend took her aside and asked her what was wrong. She bit her lip and tried to fight back the tears, saying The Weeknd is a great guy but she isn’t in love with him. She wants to be, though. Her best friend hugs her and says she’s here whenever she wants to talk. They return to dinner. Before the dessert course, she excuses herself to go the bathroom and texts her ex-boyfriend.

She had forgotten to turn her phone over the kitchen table. The Weeknd saw one of text exchanges with her ex-boyfriend and wanted to know what was going on. She said there wasn’t really anything. They were talking. He asked her if she wanted something to be going on. She avoided his gaze. He cursed at her and slammed the door.

She didn’t want anyone to get hurt. Usually shied away from relationships, knowing her ex-boyfriend’s hold on her. With The Weeknd, though, she finally felt the excitement again. The Weeknd won’t ever really know it.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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