Video Review: Shontelle & Akon “Stuck With Each Other”

From the 2009 film, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Rebecca walks into her favorite store.

At the same store, Shontelle opens the white curtain, wearing a blouse. Her boyfriend, sitting on the couch, shakes his head.

Luke (Hugh Dancy) holds Rebecca’s hand at the carnival.

Shontelle takes her boyfriend’s hand inside the store.

An employee at Belle Gray suggests a top for Rebecca.

Shontelle wraps a scarf around her neck. She stands in her walk-in closet with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend shows her some winter boots and she lunges for them.

Rebecca looks at a boot during a shoe sale.

Shontelle puts a hat on her boyfriend’s head. She tries on various outfits.

Rebecca and Luke see a movie.

Shontelle sings with a microphone inside the Belle Gray window display, which features several televisions showing Rebecca in Los Angeles. The clip changes to Akon and Shontelle performing against golden curtain. She tosses a hat and a coat to her boyfriend on the couch.

Luke checks out Rebecca while her hair blows in the wind. Rebecca and Suze (Kyrsten Ritter) laugh near a mailbox. Rebecca carries her designer duffel bag. Luke puts a scarf around Rebecca’s neck outside the store.

Shontelle puts a gold sequined scarf around her boyfriend’s neck and laughs. She and her boyfriend dance inside her walk-in closet.

Rebecca and Luke dance. Rebecca walks on the sidewalk.

The clerk hands Shontelle a Belle Gray bag and she fills it up with scarves. Shontelle puts her items on the counter.

Luke and Rebecca kiss by a store window.

Shontelle hugs her boyfriend by the register.

Rating: 3/5

Shontelle hands her credit card over to the server at the restaurant. Her boyfriend says they spent their dining budget for the most of the month. She bites into her golden Phoenix cupcake and says she can dip into her savings. He says he doesn’t mind leftovers for a night.  They have food in the refrigerator they need to cook or it’ll spoil. “Okay,” she says, “but we may only be eating cereal for a few nights.” He says he’ll take care of it.

She holds his hand as they walk to their SUV. She gets inside and looks through the multiple shopping bags. “I got a such a great deal on this blouse!” She exclaims, holding it to her chest. She changes out of her heels and tosses them with several pair already under the seat. In the bags, she finds coupons and puts them in her new purse. She’ll use them next week.

Her mother tells her she needs to save. She and her boyfriend could lose their jobs. The continous stream of money will eventually end. She tells her mother she knows and then gives her an designer purse. “I knew you always wanted a Coach.” Her mom says thank you but she can’t keep it.

She returns home with Coach purse and sees the pile of doctor bills Doctor bills on the desk. She doesn’t want to think of her surgeries coming up. It’s only to remove the lump. However, it’s going to be a year-long treatment with tests and radiation. She doesn’t even know if she’s going to live. She figured she may as well spend the money and have a good time.

Director: Gil Green Year: 2009

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