Video Review: Glenn Medeiros “Lonely Won’t Leave Me Alone”

On stage, the guitarist takes the guitar out of its case, the keyboardist sets up while the drummer attaches a cymbal to the mount. Glenn slides the microphone into the holder. The band begins to play. Another guitarist arrives. Glenn walks towards the microphone.

Through a sepia filter, he writes at his piano. He walks inside an empty apartment, reading the music.

Wearing headphones, he records inside the studio.

Through a sepia filter, someone places a coffee cup on the table while he writes. He walks in the forest and on the bridge. He pauses to watch the lake.

The saxophonist plays during his solo.

Wearing a silver jacket and a white t-shirt, Glenn walks on stage during his concert and holds onto the microphone. His fans jump up and down as they wait for him. Mutli-colored smoke floats on the floor of the stage.

Rating: 1/5

Glenn hums a melody as he walks inside his new apartment. There is no listen to it or offer him feedback. He tapes it on his cassette player and sits on the floor, writing music to it. His record label tells him he’s one of their most productive artists. They tell him they to keep working on the new album. The executives shake his hands and leave the meeting, talking to one another.

His manager suggests setting him up with another pop star. They could go out on a date. His manager lists some names and Glenn handwaves them away. He says he’ll find a girlfriend on his own. He prefers someone who understands the business. A lovely reporter from a magazine has interviewed several times. Each time, he takes her to lunch to one of his favorite places. They usually talked past their time and she has had to call her boss to extend the deadline.

After some beer, he asked her out and she told him no. She likes him as a friend but she doesn’t want to be involved with the fame part of his life. He tells her she doesn’t have to be. She says she can’t. He returned home and called his manager, telling him to not have her interview him anymore. He had liked her for a few years. He slumps in his chair, muttering to himself that he’ll always be single.

Director: N/A Year: 1988

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