Video Review: Juice WRLD “Black & White”

Juice WRLD sits by the car, staring at the pavement. A young man looks down, his arms crossed over the car window. A young woman with lime green hair topples over onto the pavement. He dances by the car with his friends.

He stands inside his home, swaying back and forth. His friends rest their heads on the wall, staring off into space. The lights flash as his friends smoke and kiss during a party.

Lit in red, he and his friends dance. A second young man pours pills down his throat.

In the darkened room with flashing lights, he performs some karaoke. He dances in his backyard late at night.

The young woman with lime green hair sits in the bathtub. A single tear rolls down a second young woman’s cheek as she sits against a pillar. A third young man stands in the stands in the shower, the water hitting his back.  A fourth young man wakes up in a chair with a bloody nose. The second young man lies lifeless on the table.

At night, he and his friends create a ring of twinkling lights and hold a vigil for him. During the day, he sits inside the pool by himself, the memorial behind him. He sits on a diving board.

He looks up at the giant cross while walking around at night.

Rating: 2/5

Juice WRLD vows to quit cocaine as he prays by his friend’s memorial. The second young man had been a good friend. They learned how to cheat death with each line. As the thumping in his chest accelerated, he knew it could suddenly stop. However. in the he woke up in the morning, surprised to be alive. It was supposed to be him first.

The fourth young man had surgery on his nose, causing him to miss a semester of college. There had been some complications. His parents put him in rehab. The young woman with the lime green hair almost drowned in the bathtub. A knock on the door startled her and she lifted her head from underneath the water. For about 30 seconds, she cared again. However, as she dried herself off and walked to the door, she realized there wasn’t a message from anyone. She walks by her kitchen table and does another line. Her family quit talking to her and she lost her job months ago. She walks downstairs, her mouth drawn and takes a walk to the nearest bar.

The second young woman left. She didn’t want to touch another drug again and checked herself into rehab. She didn’t want to die at some party. There were friends who remembered who she used to be. She had ignored them once she moved into Los Angeles. However, the lifestyle was beginning to catch up with her and she could no longer maintain it. She had to leave before she crashed.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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