Video Review: Alessia Cara “Trust My Lonely”

A velvet beige curtain flies on a rod as Alessia Cara sits up in the grass in a field.

She moves her her shoulders against green and red backgrounds.

She walks across the grass in the field, holding the velvet beige curtain. She sings in front of a stack of televisions. On the beach, she runs on the sand around the red square. Two red squares pop up on the beach.

She dances by a yellow curtain inside a parking structure. She continues to dance underneath an overpass with a pink curtain behind her. Extra yellow boxes appear in the parking structure. She slides on the bleachers, a yellow curtain draping the stands.

The person behind the teal square moves as she dances underneath the overpass. She dances on a football field.

She splashes the water as she moves by a teal curtain. As the colors of the building change from blue to red, she dances in a parking space. She moves her shoulders in front of three garages. Cara hides drapes the velvet beige curtain around her.

An orange curtain behind, she runs on a track. She flips her tie over her shoulder as she runs to the shore. The aqua curtain falls into the water.

Rating: 1/5

Alessia Cara takes a drive to the cider mill. Her ex-boyfriend usually shrugged off the idea, suggesting they play video games with friends instead. On Saturday afternoons. she sat in a chair and stared at the cracks in the paint in the basement while her boyfriend claimed victory in another game. She often wondered what she was doing there.  They had been a couple for three years. She believed it was part of being with someone for several years and she had to work through it on her own.

However, he continued to make excuses as to why he couldn’t see her family and cancelled dates abruptly. She gave him back his key one evening and arranged for the movers to send things back to her parents’ house. Being on her own was scary at first. The days seemed long and every event was geared towards couples.

She started painting again and visited museums throughout the state. She took a bus trip to Chicago and attended the ballet. She stayed out all night and didn’t think of checking in with anyone. She flirted with some guys and returned home by herself. She wasn’t ready to give up her newfound freedom yet.

A few guys have asked her out. However, she likes her independence. She can do what she wants without it turning into a power struggle. After the cider mill, she returns home and signs up for an art conference. She answers a voicemail and schedules a job interview sometime during the next week. There are so many things happening for her. None would’ve been possible if she had been with her ex-boyfriend.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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