Video Review: Boyzone “All That I Need”

A red-haired young woman, wearing a white gown, runs on top of a building.

Stephen, Michael, Ronan, Keith and Shane enter an underground building. They stand by ceramic blocks.

A young woman, with her jacket to her elbows and smeared mascara, walks toward a door. “Breathe” is written on the glass. She leans against the wall and reads a letter. She crumples it in her hand.

Keith stares into several lights.

A third young woman sits on the floor of the male restroom. She looks into the mirror as a man washes his hands.  The red-haired woman sits on the landing by the stairs. She walks down the stairs. Shane sits one of the steps.

A fourth young woman makes a phone call inside the booth, staring at “flower” written on the glass. A blonde haired young woman walks in high heels and gets in the backseat of a car. She takes off her jacket and looks out the window.

The fourth young woman stands on the windowsill and views the city from her apartment. The young woman with smeared mascara reads the letter again.

They pass by the third young woman in the hallway. They stand on top of the building.

The red-haired young woman runs on top of the building again. The young woman with smeared mascara waits.

Rating: 2/5

The red-haired runs on the top of the building. All her friends think she’s unpredictable and a little crazy. Her stories leave people speechless. They say she’s larger than life. Her family often doesn’t know what to think. They lecture her and advise her to be responsible. However, she wants to stay rooted in one place. Structure would be welcome.

The third young woman rests her head on the urinal cake. She really needs to stop drinking. Looking up at the ceiling, she realizes she doesn’t know where she is. A young man smirks as her passes her. She moves her leg out of the way as he urinates. A second young man asks if she needs help. Security comes in and picks her up. She groans and vomits on the floor. The security guard says he’ll call a cab. She says she doesn’t want to go home.

The blonde woman tells her driver to take her somewhere far away. He suggests a luxury shopping mall. She answers “sure.” The outburst in the boardroom would be unforgiven. She didn’t nod and say yes with the other male executives. However, they had been trying to force her out for at a least year. She provided them their excuse. But she wasn’t going to leave without a fight. Nonetheless, she’ll be viewed as difficult and unreasonable. Her opinion didn’t matter. She thinks of opening her own business. Without a husband to fall back on, it’s her only option. Her friends mentioned she should sell her some of her sauces. Perhaps it’s time she starts.

Director: Cameron Casey Year: 1998

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