Video Review: Camila Cabello “Consequences”

Sometime in October, Camila Cabello walks in the park. She watches as golden light recreates a memory of when she helping her ex-boyfriend (Dylan Sprouse) at the piano. She rubs his back and kisses his shoulder as he plays.

She walks through the memory and views another one of them holding hands and then kissing.

With his arm around her, he teaches her a song on the piano. While sitting on the bench, she watches him into dust.

Snow begins to fall. By a tree, he tosses a book out of her hand and they make out on the floor. She holds him as he stumbles while drinking liquor from the bottle. He lectures her while she stands next to him at the piano. She wrenches her arms from his graps as they argue. She waits for him to come back.

Cabello sees her ex-boyfriend’s ghost standing on the trail. She runs her hand through his hair. She hugs him and they twirl to the moon. She kisses him as they land in the park. As she touches his face, he turns into dust.

Cabello sits on the park bench, crying. The ghost of herself puts her hand over hers. She gets up from the bench with the sun shining on the green leaves of the trees.

Rating: 4/5

A young man, a classmate from history class, buys Camila Cabello a drink at the bar. He pats the seat next to him. She turns to her friends, who motion with their hands to “go go go.” Her best friend chimes in she needs to give someone a chance again someday. She relents and walks to his table.

His friends scatter once she sits down. He asks her how she is. They talk about the class for a while. While sipping his beer, he mentions he’s a business major and planning the next big startup in his dorm room. He explains that it’s just him for now but he’s planning on hiring two more people to help him. She nods, stirring her drink until the ice cubes melt. Midway through an outline of growth areas around college campus and the likely demographics. she excuses herself and thanks him for the drink.

She returns to her friends and groans, stating it was the longest investor meeting she ever had. She tells her friends she’s ordering another drink at the bar. As she waits for her order, she gasps and sees her boyfriend making out with a young woman. She had heard he was dating someone. He kisses the young woman’s hair and almost falls. She wants to go over to him and tell him she doesn’t like the current version of him. The bartender says “hey” and hands her the amaretto sour.

Returning back to her friends, she says she has to go home. In the cab, she chokes back tears. She still hasn’t healed. Neither has he. She had been doing so much better. During the weekend, she has been going out with her friends. She went to a couple of parties and even installed a dating app on her phone. However, seeing him brought back her feelings for him. There was so much that needed to be said. It should’ve ended like it did.

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2018

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