Video Review: Freddie Jackson “Tasty Love”

Freddie Jackson opens the door for his girlfriend as they walk to his apartment. He watches as she leans against the wall. running her hands through her hair.

Inside his apartment, he watches as she dances in his family room. He serves a glass of wine and they toast to one another. They sit on the couch and cuddle. She gets from the couch and tilts her head back. He puts his hands on her back as she touches his chest.

She stands by the bedroom door and takes off her gloves. He sits on the bed with her and puts his arms around her. They kiss and lie on the bed together.

Rating: 3/5

The kids with at their aunt’s house for the night. Freddie Jackson makes a right and his wife points out the diner where they had their first date. She asks to go there for dinner instead. As they eat their shish kebabs, she says she’s so glad she doesn’t have to cook tonight. He says they haven’t changed it much in the last 20 years. She says they took out the glass partition on the sides, though. The server asks how they are doing. He says they are celebrating their anniversary. She congratulates them and asks them how long they have been together. He explains their romantic story started at the diner. The server smiles and goes to the kitchen.

He sips his coffee. His wife grins as she sees the server bring them some cake. The server says it’s on the house. He says they almost didn’t make it. She nods, thinking of their rough patch a few years ago. They had stopped talking to one another. She said she wanted a divorce. He wanted to work it out.

During the separation, they dated other people. However, they realized they still loved each other and got back together 6 months later. As they leave the diner, they hold hands and kiss in the same parking spot. She thanks him for a wonderful evening and hopes they have many more. He says it hasn’t been an easy road but he would do it all over again.

Director: N/A Year: 1986

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