Video Review: Santana & Rob Thomas “Smooth”

Rob crosses the street and stares at a young woman sitting next to her boyfriend in a convertible.

Raul carries his congas to the sidewalk. Carlos and Rob sit in a store, playing a song.

A young woman cools herself by a fan. Benny plays the guitar next to Raul. Rob sings into the microphone on the curb while Carlos continues to play. Some people passing by in a car wave to them as they turn. A second young woman sits on the steps, dancing in place. Upstairs in the apartment building, a fortysomething man plays a game with his friend, listening to the music outside.

A group of twentysomethings get out of the car and start to dance by them. The young woman, glistening with sweat, watches from her window. She dances by her fan.

A young man dances with his girlfriend next to the car. Carlos makes a sign of the cross at the second young woman, wearing a gray tank top and jeans. The young woman glances over at Rob while she dances. Carlos folds his hands to prayer to the second young woman as she claps.

Rating: 2/5

Carlos tunes his guitar inside the store as he waits for Rob. Rob gobbles his sandwich and says he has until 1:00 p.m. to play. Carlos and Rob play a song they’ve been working on together. Rob’s co-worker dances behind the counter. A couple of customers walk in and nod their heads. Some put money in Rob’s cowboy hat.

Rob checks his watch and races into the stock room to clock back in after lunch. Carlos says they’ll play again when his shift is over at 3 p.m. Rob hums the melody as he stacks the shelves and checks inventory. Carlos offered to help him with a demo but he declined. During the weekend, they performed on the sidewalk by the buisnesses. Some of the businesses complained. However, as the crowd grew with every week, they started working with the band on an agreement of times. The businesses were experiencing an uptick and they found themselves understaffed while the band performed.

After performing, Rob went home with a decent sum. It was enough to allow him to work part-time and study for the LSATS. Carlos had said he had open spot on the band anytime he wanted. He says the world is missing out on a great musician. There are days when Rob wants to take his guitar, buy a one-way bus ticket to California and never look back. However, he has a mom suffers from heart problems and he needs to stay with her. His other siblings live four hours or states away. Carlos says he’s got to live his life sometime. Rob nods and sometimes may be a long while. For now, he adds, there are bills to pay.

Director: N/A Year: 1999

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