Video Review: Ella Mai “Trip”

Ella Mai walks into her family and chooses a record from her vinyl albums. She places it on the player and sets the volume. She sits on the couch, next to her fireplace, listening to the music. The fire cracks and pops as the wood burns in the fireplace.

At night, she takes a drive and parks by a curb. She stays in the car, sitting in the passenger seat. Lit in an electric blue and magenta, she moves between the limbs of a tree in a backyard.

The chains of the basketball net gleam from the moonlight. She sits on the bleachers.

Her phone buzzes next to her as she sits on the couch. She picks it up and declines the call.

She dances on the basketball court and takes a walk.

Back at home, the record finishes playing.

Rating: 3/5

Ella Mai doesn’t want to talk to anybody. Her best friend has called and texted her, letting her know she’s there for her. The only person she wants to talk to is her ex-boyfriend. However, that’s not possible. She pushed him away. At home, she lights some candles and listens to music. The song helps to take her mind of the pain she’s avoiding.

She takes a drive to the basketball court and sits on the bleachers. She can see him hit the three pointer and then smile at her. A years of worth of Saturday afternoons were spent sitting on the bench. Sometimes, she would jump in after the game and try to score a point. They would both giggle at her airball.

Returning to the basketball court reminded her she no longer belonged there. Although it was only 6 months ago, it was as though decades past once she stepped back on the court. She took a deep breath and walked around the block before heading back into her.

It was not only the basketball court. It was the diner on the corner. It was the park and the concert hall. The memories came rushing back and there was nothing she could to control her emotions. On the way home, she breaks down in the car. She messed up and it can’t be fixed.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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