Video Review: Machine Gun Kelly “27”

Machine Gun Kelly walks towards a jet. From the plane, he watches cars drive along the expressway. As he writes, he narrates that while writing the song, he had thought “damn, what if all the dreams were gone, like it’s all over tomorrow?”

Illuminated by the lights of cell phones and blue, he performs on stage. In black-and-white, he pauses with his arm in the air.

In the studio, a man plays the piano. Black-and-white photos flip past as he says that “the loyalty you experience when you are down and up is like what it makes it all worth it.” He thinks of how he had a vision at 18 years old “without no weight on our shoulders no more.” He stands on the porch of his house. However, he explains “the pressure’s on and that’s what life is.” He talks with a young woman in the studio. After drinking some water, he says he’s learning as much as he can. He raps in the studio.

Female fans cry in the audience. He performs on stage with his guitar.

He greets fans before the show as they wait behind the barricade. He leans against a vintage car by a billboard advertising his concert. He walks in front of a mansion. He presses his knuckles against a mirror and leans against a wooden fence in a field. He holds a little girl and points to the fireworks in the sky. Shirtless, he performs outside in a city.

A reporter asks two fans “if Kells was standing right here, what would you say to him?” The two female fans say that they would “thank him for the music” and it has helped deal with some tough stuff. He exclaims “this is what an area looks like” backstage. Female fans wave roses in the front row. He hugs a female fan. As confetti falls, he strums the guitar.

Rating: 3.5/5

Machine Gun Kelly has to pull back from the drugs. He has the career he always wanted. There are millions of young fans hanging onto his words and idolizing him. He has to remember them whenever he’s in a tempting situation. His sobriety is his utmost importance right now.

Working almost all the time takes a toll on him. His manager tells him to go on, even though he may not feel well. He pushes it through and stays awake another 3 hours to party with the crew. It gets to be too much sometimes. He sees a vial of cocaine and leers at it. But he can’t. He can’t slip.

Whenever he gets the urge, he calls his family and talks to them. He’ll leave a long voicemail. It keeps him occupied and takes his mind off the craving. He does whatever he has to do to become a member of a club he’d rather not join. Some days, it takes everything it has out of him.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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