Video Review: Atlantic Starr “Always”

In a suburban neighborhood, a young man rides his bike. A young woman sniff a red rose.

Jonathon plays the piano. David, wearing a coat, stands under a tree in the backyard. Barbara stands next to him.

A decade ago, David chases after an upset Barbara. She smiles and hugs him. Ten years later, he kisses her on the cheek as they walk on the same path.

Barbara and David cut their wedding cake at their reception. As children, he runs after her. She stands next to him while he etches in the sand.

While David and Barbara sing, the younger versions of themselves draw the curtains. In their late 30s, they play with their children in the backyard. The family gathers in the home to watch the musicians play.

Rating: 4.5/5

One of the grandchildren asks to hear about how they met. A 60-year-old Barbara says they were about her age. She would invite herself over to play with him. He pretended to be annoyed. Their parents often commented they would get married someday. He would say “ew!” and she said she didn’t like boys.

They started dating in their 20s. He had gotten her a job at the store where he worked. They often were scheduled for the same shifts. On the ride home after work, he said he could no longer be just friends with her. He loved her. She had told him she felt the same way for years.

However, they broke up twice during the six years they dated. She hadn’t been ready for a long-term relationship. The second time, he had believed he wasn’t good enough for her. However, they got back together and got married. Her grandchild tells her she wants to marry her crush in 2nd grade class, too. She grins and tells her “maybe someday.”

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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