Video Review: Hayley Kiyoko “Feelings”

A car makes a quick turn around the corner. Two friends stand up in the backseat of the truck, waving their arms in the night air. Hayley Kiyoko, up front, turns around and watches them.

A young woman pulls up at the gas station. She laughs as she checks her phone and glances over at Kiyoko, who watches her as she walks inside. Kiyoko closes the door as she sees the young woman walk out and begins to dance in front of the car.

Kiyoko crosses the street and follows the young woman. She notices the young woman drops her keys and picks them up for her. She walks with her to her car. The young woman giggles. Kiyoko kisses her and then watches as the young woman looks at a her inside a telephone booth. Kiyoko and the young woman dance between the gas pumps. One of her friends calls for her. Kiyoko holds her hand and leaves. The young woman waves goodbye and gets in her car.

Rating: 5/5

Hayley Kiyoko was waiting for the perfect moment. She says the young woman didn’t seem to care at the bar. Her friend urges her to talk to the young woman anyway. She catches up with her across the street and sees the keys fall on the ground. It’s her opening.

The young woman was cautious at first. Kiyoko mentions she often sees her at the bar and complimented her on her purse. She says thanks and begins to warm up to her. Kiyoko learns they grew up near one another and went to the same school for a while. Kiyoko was a senior when she was a freshman. She mentions a name and Kiyoko says that’s it one of her close friends.

Kiyoko kisses her on the cheek. The young woman doesn’t even try to pull away. Kiyoko’s friend says they have to go. The young woman says they’ll have to get together. Kiyoko says she’ll probably see her at her friend’s party next weekend.

As they drive off, her friends want to know about her. She explains they have probably met in her passing. One of her friend exclaims “I thought she looked familiar” and then says she was really nice in high school. Her friend finds her social media page and shows Kiyoko. “That’s so weird,” Kiyoko says as she looks at photos. Her friend says she checks into a lot of places and usually invites people on her friend list to come. They’ll have go someday. Kiyoko grins, knowing it’s not the end of the relationship.

Director: Hayley Kiyoko Year: 2017

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