Video Review: Bazzi & Camila Cabello “Beautiful”

A horse-drawn carriage drops an angel (Camila Cabello) off at a bar. She sees Bazzi in the corner, talking to a friend in the corner. He spots her and then follows her to the curtain. They look across one another as they stand by the aquarium. She touches the glass and walks away.

From the hallway, he sees her walking up the stairs and opens a door on the first floor. She looks up at the sky on the second floor. He cranes his neck and listens to her sing. She puts on masquerade back on her face as he climbs up to her.

On the first floor, she waves her arms and the people freeze. He sees her and runs back downstairs. They meet in the center. She puts her hand in his and changes the bar into an enchanted forest. He takes off her masquerade mask. She watches as the clock strikes midnight. He turns his head and realizes she has vanished.

Rating: 4/5

There were only a few hours left to the night. The angel had to see the young man she had fallen for before her death. She had to let him know she was okay. From heaven, she watched him hang his head and drink in the bar. He had spoken of her with the bartender and to his friends. They told him he was better off and to get over it. However, she had lingered on his mind. Something wasn’t right.

From above, she attempted to guide him. But she was warned not to interfere. She was unable to decide his fate. She asked for the time she didn’t get, saying it was destroying him. God allowed her one day.

He was in better spirits. She was proud to see him in a suit and attending the masquerade party. It had been years since he had gone out. Scared of frightening him, she wears a mask and watches him. He’s leading a good life now. She remembers when they first met he was struggling with school and worried about finals.

He’s drawn to her, though and she eludes him. He cannot find out. With a touch of her hand, she transports them to their own world. So much grief transpired between them and somehow, the darkness only seems to get deeper. Neither of them have really healed.

At midnight, she fades. She received another extra hours. It was all she wanted before she let go.

Director: Jason Koening Year: 2018

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