Video Review: Psychedelic Furs “Pretty In Pink”

Paul plays the drums.

Projected onto the screen is a clip from 1986 film Pretty In Pink, Duckie (Jon Cryer) lip synchs at the record store.

Richard dances by the screen. Photographs of Andie (Molly Ringwald) smiling in class and Iona (Annie Potts) working at the record store.

Andie closes the door and screams. Andie hangs out with Iona at her apartment.

Richard claps his hands above his head.

Duckie leaves the record store. Duckie walks with Andie while they go to their next class. Blane (Andrew McCarthy) stares at Andie in the hallway.

In blue streaked photographs, Duckie smiles and highlighted in pink, Andie eats lunch outside.

Andie stands up in the library and grins at Blane.

On the projection screen, Richard puts his hands behind his neck. John and Tim play guitars, splashed in rose pink.

Andie glares at Steff (James Spader). Blane and Andie kiss in the parking lot. A female classmates slaps Duckie.

In a lavender tinted photograph, Iona talks on the phone.

Duckie falls on Andie’s bed. Andie wears her prom dress.

In a pink tinted photograph, Andie confronts Blane at his locker.

Andie and Duckie hug at the prom.

In white coated photographs, Blane kisses Andie at the prom.

Richard snaps his fingers back and forth while the photographs appear on the screen.

Rating: 2/5

Andie sketches her latest fashion line at her desk. Her secretary calls to say her husband, Blane is waiting outside her office. She says to let him in. He walks in with some flowers and kisses her. He leans over her shoulder and compliments her on sketches. Blane sits across from her at her desk and asks her about her day. She says she was able to finalize a contract to work with a high-end department store. Blane says he always knew she was talented. She smiles, stating it wasn’t an easy road, though.

After high school, they dated for a few years. His parents had ignored her and advised their son not to marry her, saying she’ll drag him down. Between working at the record store and some college classes, she created a fashion line. It started in the local vintage boutiques. Her father had provided her with some seed money, which allowed her to build her company. By the 2000s, the company had gone public and was a sought-after brand. Andie had been on the cover of business magazines telling her rags to riches story.

At home, the maid helps Duckie and his wife with their coats. Blane tells Duckie it’s good to see him and offers him a drink. Andie squeals and hugs his wife. They catch up for a while before dinner. Duckie announces his wife is pregnant. They congratulate him. Blane says he’ll babysit and spoil the kid rotten.

Over drinks, Blane says he’s really happy for Duckie and glad that he’s one of his best friends. Duckie asks about Steff. Blane sips his drink and says Steff was still serving his sentence in jail for securities fraud. Duckie says he’s not surprised. Blane says he wished he had the balls to deck Steff in high school.

Director: N/A Year: 1986

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