Video Review: Fun Factory “I Wanna B With U”

A sixtysomething tending to their lawn glares at Balca, Toni, Stephen and Rodney while they blare their music in the neighborhood.

Next door, Toni, Balca, Stephen and Rodney walk into the backyard and start to dance. The sixtysomething couple complains.

Balca sits with one of the infants and plays. Several 13-year-old girls sing as they lie on the blanket.

As Toni raps, a ten-year-old girl splashes a thirtysomething man sitting in the kiddie pool.

A young man puts a hamburger on a plate and gives it to his friend. Balca pets the dog. Stephen chats with a couple of people at a picnic table. A little boy aims his slingshot at them. Underneath an umbrella, Rodney sits backwards in a chair and talks with people.

The sixtysomething man gives his wife a dirty look as she dances.

A fortysomething man sits in a chair, smoking. Someone takes the cigarette out of his mouth.  A beach ball gets tossed around in the backyard.

The sixtysomething couple dance.

They leave the party.

Rating: 1/5

Balca squeals as she sees her cousin. They hug. Balca says it’s been so long since they’ve seen each other. She explains she’s been having a hard time getting away from work. Her cousin says she’s glad she came and tells her to get something to eat.

Balca sits with her infant niece and plays with her. An eight-year-old girl whispers in Balca’s ear that Rodney’s cute. Balca smiles and tells her to talk to him. She glances over and sees Rodney dancing with the eight-year-old. During dinner, she spots by Rodney’s table and says he has an admirer.

The dog walks to the table, wagging its tail. It looks up at Balca and feed the dog some of her hamburger. Stephen tells her not to feed the dog so much. He’ll get sick, he adds, besides it’s not healthy for him. She pats the dog on his head and says he’s her new friend. She likes having someone to spoil. Back when she lived at home, the dog followed her into her room and cuddled with her. She rubs his ears and says she misses him so much.

The sixtysomething man comes over to her cousin and tells her to keep it down. She apologizes to him and offers him some food. He says he doesn’t want any and leaves. Balca catches up with him and asks him if he remembers her. He says yes. She used to help with babysit. Balca says he and his wife are welcome to join the party. There’s more enough food. He looks to his wife and says they can stay for a little while.

Director: N/A Year: 1995

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