Video Review: Portugal. The Man “Tidal Wave”

In a kiln, an animated Portugal. The Man play a red circle to a small group of people. A woman’s eyes bug out. Green slime runs underground. A rectangle with skull and crossbones hangs near.

In yellow, the skull sings as two bones fly by it.

A burly crew member turns one of the round knobs. Lime green slime splashes behind the audience. It falls on the ceiling and lands a man’s head, covering him. A sign above states “splash zone.” The crew members thinks of what to do next and turns another knob.

Lime green slime pours onto Jason. He slides on the floor and knocks over Eric. John shakes his butt.

At home, a baby imitates him while dancing in front of the television.

The slime floods the stairs. Kyle gasps as he sees Zachary blend into his instrument. Jason’s head is attached to his drum. His arms have formed into the sticks. The camera pans to the audience.

The mom’s eyes turn into hearts as she watches the band perform.

Jason hangs onto the disco ball as he sings.  Blue lime hits Kyle. Red slime topples Jason. The red slime covers the band. It deforms their bodies.

The crew member turns all the knobs. Their bodies float. The lime green slime bursts through the television. A dragon clamps onto the wall and breathes fire, melting the band and audience.

Rating: 5/5

The clay figurines were not quite working as the young man expected. He had set them up and tweaked them. However, their shape seemed off. He put them in the kiln. He may start over. They were perhaps salvageable. He could turn them into something else. He closed his kiln and started sketching again.

Inside the kiln, the band begin to perform. They were excited to play their instruments. The people shouted for them to play. Jason told the band of his plans between songs. The audience state what they want to do after the show. One man is going to look for a job. A fortysomething man wants to go home and sleep.

The young man pours lime green slime over the clay figurines. His nephew has been asking him to make him something anyway. The clay figurines were a rough draft. Their bodies had turned out lopsided. Butter slime would be better to work with anyhow. He turns on the kiln, incinerating the figurines.

Director: Lee Hardcastle Year: 2018

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