Video Review: Travis Scott & Drake “Sicko Mode”

In Astroworld, children race their bikes on the yellow painted road. They drop their bikes and run inside their homes.

A eclipse hangs low in the sky as Drake walks his dog underneath it. Red smoke filters through the air, traveling through the alley and into the homes.

Travis Scott rides his horse into town. He stands in the Screwed Up Records and Tapes parking lot. People chat outside by their cars.

A gold chain becomes a noose.

At night. women in bikinis watch as the train rolls past them as they sit by the tracks. Scott sits in the center.

Scott stands with several women, wearing blouses and skirts. He turns his head as they change into crop tops and leather boy shorts. Scott performs with a Motown-era girl group on stage.

Scott walks with the women in the neighborhood. She falls into the pool and the water catches fire.

Lit in electric blue, a woman with glowing eyes and a scaly, monstrous face talks in a room etched in scraggly lines.

In black-and-white, Drake raps in a parking structure while a woman dances. Back in color, he rides in a school bus with a young woman. A woman dances in Drake’s eye. Drake falls in space. Pieces of Drake’s face fly off the wall.  Drake rides backseat of a limousine.

Drake spins in the Screwed Up Record & Tapes parking lot as Scott stays with the other people.  A giant rock crushes Drake. Scott peeks through his fingers as lightbulbs hang from the ceiling. Scott teaches a class. The women in bikinis ride their bicycles around Scott. Scott stands by a dry rotted building, banging his head.

Drake and Scott walk to the asteroid.

Rating: 0/5

The children watched the asteroid loom from their homes. They examined their bodies for changes. Turning on the radio, the reporters were warning people to stay off the road. The yellow coating could cause unknown health problems.

Cars have become scarce. Scott rides a horse he found abandoned in a stable and heads into the darkness of town. A red smoke covers the area and he coughs. He had to find another safe area. The part of the city was now contaminated.

At any moment it could strike the Earth. Scott decides to hang out at his favorite place and talk with friends. The force of the asteroid causes people to lean sideways. Some people fall onto the ground. People call for ambulance. Reporters say the asteroid was getting closer. Scott waits for Drake.

Drake visits his high school and thinks of his first love. He rides in limousine. The driver asks about Drake’s escape plan. Drake says he has none. He’s going to stay. The driver speeds through the city.  At the record store, the driver demands Drake’s money. Drake throws his wallet at him and gets out.

The reporters have gone silent. A siren thunders throughout the city. Drake and Scott walk together, their heads down from the blinding glow of the asteroid. There was no escaping it.

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2018

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