Video Review: Kelly Rowland & Eve “Like This”

Kelly Rowland, draped in a towel, walks out of the shower and checks herself out in the mirror. On the computer in her bedroom, a webcast starts. She sees it showing her in bed and covers the camera with the towel.

At her vanity, she puts on some lipstick and stretches in a silver chair.

As she dances around the chair, the bedroom rotates into a darkened studio. Wearing a fringed, see-through dress, she sits in the silver chair and dances in place.

The webcam captures a couple walking inside her apartment for a party. Several friends also arrive. Her friends sit on the couch. A young woman looks into the camera in the bathroom. Rowland leans against a wall while a young man kisses her neck.

Wearing a gold minidress, she walks into her living room and dances with her friends. One of her best friends let Eve into her home.

Eve sits on the couch.

On the bedroom, the young man takes off his shirt and Rowland makes out with him.

At the party, her friends become sketches, their figures outlined in black-and-white. She and Eve dance.

Rowland smiles in the chair as silver sparkles fly around her.

Rating: 2/5

Kelly Rowland sets up the chips on the table for her party. Her best friend scoops the guacamole onto the bowl. Rowland thanks her for the help. Her best friend says it’s not a problem, adding that after the breakup it’s good to see wanting to be around people. Rowland mentions if her crush is coming. Her best friends shrugs, stating she heard he might. However, she didn’t have a definitive answer.

Upstairs, Rowland changes into her favorite dress. She performs a dance to build up her confidence. She finally takes down the pictures with her ex-boyfriend. It’s time to let it go. She actually likes someone again. Although it may not be love, it’s something she can feel.

Walking downstairs, she sees her crush walk in and starts to talk to him. They kiss in the hallway and she asks if they want to go upstairs. The next morning, he wakes up and helps her pick up the cans and bits of food. They talk some more. She isn’t sure what is going on between them.  He says he’ll call her. She nods, wondering if he will.

Director: Mike Ruiz Year: 2007

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