Video Review: Jesse McCartney “Right Where You Want Me”

The alarm clock rings. The young woman shuts it off and gets out of bed. He wakes up in the bed and she glances over at him. He sits up in bed. As he puts on his jacket, he follows her.

She sits on the subway and reads her book. She looks up from the page and sees him next to her.

He performs in the studio with his band.

At night, she rides her bike. She sees him behind her and smiles.

The pattern begins again. He strokes his chin while she gets up from bed. He moves through the crowd on the train to talk to her. Someone throws him a helmet in the studio.

They ride their motorcycles next to each other.

The pattern repeats again. He walks behind her as the heavy wind blows leaves onto the sidewalk.

A glass partition rolls onto the stage, turning it into a recording studio. A man paints the glass black.

She smiles him as he drives next to her on the road.

The alarm clock rings again.

Rating: 2.5/5

The train stops, locking the door as Jesse McCartney’s hand touches it. The young woman sees him in her usual seat and smiles. Each day, he gets closer to talking her. However, something keeps them apart. They stare at one another for about half an hour. He has to believe there has to be a way to break the pattern.

In the morning, he runs into her while walking to the subway. She acknowledges him with a smile and continues to walk. He tries to push through the crowd. She reaches the stairs and he puts his head down. He may not even see her on the train at all.

About six months later he finally is able to talk to her. He asks her about her book and she says she likes it. She says her boyfriend thinks reading is dull but she enjoys it. He nods and tries to hide his disappointment. He asks how long they have been dating. “About three months,” she answers. She says it was good talking to him and leaves at her stop.

He gets off at the next stop. There’s another obstacle to overcome. His friends say to not to give up. Things could change at any time. He says he hopes so.

Director: N/A Year: 2006

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