Video Review: Kim Petras “Heart to Break”

In a violet tower built upon a cloud, Kim Petras swings her leg outside her window. A cricket walks around its crystal enclosure.

She lies on her bed of bubblewrap and takes a selfie. On her phone, Prince Julio asks her if she’s still meeting him tonight. She sings to her cricket. Underneath the stars, Prince Julio reads her response. She dances around in her bedroom.

Wearing a pink skintight dress, she sits at her vanity while two stylists help her accessorize.

Prince Julio walks into the courtyard and performs a routine with two male dancers. Four people sit on chairs, watching them. She performs her own routine with two dancers. He runs into the castle.

She skips past the checkered floor, knocking down a painting. As he searches for her down the hallway, her steps turn the floor magenta. She sits on a bench and waits. He turns to kiss her and she becomes glass. She explodes in pieces. The scene reverses and they kiss.

She joins him during his routine.

The glass cracks on the screen.

Rating: 2/5

The cricket hops onto her finger and tells the curse will be broken someday. She sighs and gets dressed. The cricket holds up the paper for the dance off. She says she can’t go. If she touches Prince Julio, she’ll break.  Prince Julio may not even be her true love.

Her stylists enter the room. The female stylist greets and comments that some of the pieces have been damaged. The male stylists sits on the bed, playing with his phone. He texts to his friend that the plan to sabotage the path to Prince Julio has been set in motion.

During the dance-off she is unable to get his attention. Several people document the event on their phones, debating who will the Prince’s heart. She heads back to the castle. He follows her inside. Once he catches up with her, he confesses his love. But it’s not enough time. The curse turns her into glass.

The female stylist gives her a second chance and lets them return to the previous moment. She kisses him and he leads her to the carriage.  She is now a part of the royal family.

Director: Nicholas Harwood Year: 2018

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