Video Review: Billy Ocean “Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car”

At night, Billy Ocean turns the key in his car. He stops at the car wash and calls to a young woman, who is talking with her co-workers. Her friends push her towards him. She takes off her hat and uniform while he enters the car wash. She starts to dance.

Neon mitter curtains clean the car. He holds his nose as animated water fills the car. A goldfish swims by him. He opens the water and the animated water spills out onto the ground. An animated duck, holding a boombox, runs past his car. The workers towel off his car. He picks up the young woman, who is waiting for him.

As they drive, he points out the animated running past the car.

He parks the car and sees a man getting sprayed by the water from the fire hydrant. He stops by the gas station and dances.

They continue to drive.

At the drive-in, he and the young woman find a space up front. They watch a second of version perform with the animated duck, who plays the saxophone. The second version of himself jumps off the screen. He and the young woman sway to the music.

Rating: 2/5

The young woman flips her hair as she drives with her Cadillac into the car wash. Her former co-workers greet her and ask how she is doing. She shows them her ring and tells them to snap to it. She has a charity ball to attend later. They clean her car in silence.

Ever since she started dating Billy Ocean, she no longer keeps in contact with her former co-workers. The part of her life, when she struggled and couldn’t make ends meet, is one she prefers to forget. Ocean would tip her and chat with her. She was surprised once he asked her out. She knew he was well-off but didn’t realize he was rich.  She had to hold onto him any way she could. Sometimes the charity balls bored her. They seemed to go to several them of a month. However, it was better than eating ramen on her couch and hoping for a shift.

Ocean, though, had wanted something more of her once he saw her. During the secret chats, he learned she had a degree but wasn’t using it. He got her out of the car wash first thing and gave her a salaried job at his business. She was a hard worker and fit in well at the office. However, once they got engaged, he said she didn’t have to work anymore. She could pursue her hobbies without wondering about her next paycheck. For the most part, she be living the life she always wanted.


Director: N/A Year: 1988

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