Video Review: Kanye West, Lil Pump & Adele Givens “I Love It”

Adele Givens, in a pantsuit, talks to two Roblox figures, Kanye West and Lil Pump in a hallway. She turns her back on them. West and Lil Pump walk down the silver hallway, passing female statues staring at the ground. Givens continue to dance.

West shuffles his feet and Givens point to him. West spins and walks in front of Lil Pump.

In the corner, Givens talks to them again.

Rating: 0/5

Adele Givens sits at the doctor’s office and creates a family friendly username for Roblox. She designs a museum and sets up statues to line the hallway. The nurse calls for her and she goes into the room.

During the examination, her phone beeps with various notifications.  Two men have entered her game and started fiddling with the artwork. They start messaging her and asking her out. She reports them and blocks them on the platform. The next day, they pop up again with different names.

While eating her dinner, she works on her game. They continue to talk to her. She reports them again and blockss. Roblox apologizes to her and hopes she’ll continue to play the game. She shakes her head and puts her phone down.

In the morning, she overslept. She checks her phone and realizes it’s dead. After waiting for it to charge, she discovers her email is full and notifications from the game. She deletes the game from her phone.

Directors: Kanye West & Amanda Adelson Year: 2018

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