Video Review: Roxette “Fading Like A Flower”

The evening begins in Stockholm, Sweden.

Per plays the piano inside the Royal Palace.

In the early morning, he plays the guitar on the street. Marie views the city from the balcony.

Marie sings as she sits in a chair.

Lit in cornflower blue, she walks the cobblestone streets at night.

Marie and Per stand in the Kornhamnstorg square. A street vendor rides his carriage of roses. A rose breaks into pieces on the ground.

Per and Marie continue to perform inside the Royal Palace.

Rating: 4/5

Marie and Per return home in the middle of the night. After spending almost half a day on the plane, they cannot sleep. Marie puts on her coat and walks in the wintery air. With the tour over, she thinks of the places she wants to visit. Their stop in Sweden a few months ago was really short. She got to see her family for a couple of hours. However, it been between newspaper and radio interviews.

Her stomach rumbles. The airplane meal hardly filled her up at all. She walks into a 24 hour restaurant and sits down. She orders some pig’s head and relishes every bite. It’s been so long since she’s had an actual meal. On tour, she was eating room service and trying to maintain a diet.

She meets Per afterwards and go to the casino. Per plays a game of poker while Marie drinks next to him. She wins some money at the slots. On the street, they see the people leave the nightclubs. Per comments that he’s tired. Marie nods her head and they fall asleep in the taxi.

Director: N/A Year: 1991

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