Video Review: Donny Osmond “Sacred Emotion”

Filmed through a sepia filter, sand blows in the desert. Donny Osmond leans in the front of the car. A shirtless man gets out of the Jeep. A dustball rolls around the area. A second young man helps a woman out of the truck. She walks behind Osmond, who gazes at the desert.

The shirtless men carry the lumber. A second young woman leans on his shoulder as they look at the blueprint of the stage. The shirtless man pound nails into the foundation and break the gravel. Osmond carries a saw.

The second young woman pours water over herself. The young woman sweats as she hammers in the heat. The shirtless men help each other with a pole. The women hold the sheet. Someone hands a shirtless man a scoop of water.

Osmond reads his music and laughs with a young woman.

The shirtless men hang the sheets.

Osmond watches a third young woman walk in the desert. A third young man plays the saxophone by the truck. They watch as people gather to the stage.

Osmond performs on stage. Storm clouds form in the sky. Rain drops fall on the sand, changing the sepia filter to color.

Osmond continues to sing in the rain. A couple kisses. A woman wrings out her hair.

Rating: 2/5

It was the longest drought in history. The heat had caused several outdoor events to be cancelled. People had been stuck inside, hiding away from the sun. Donny Osmond met with his crew and said they were going to do the concert anyhow. They planned supplies and developed a plan for the stage on the own over a period of weeks.

Early in the morning, they began working on the stage. The young women admired the muscled men as they worked. They gossiped as they sewed the sheet. A young woman insists on hammering. However, she realizes she doesn’t have enough strength. A shirtless man pats her on the head and tells her he’ll take care of it.

The young woman walk into town and put up flyers. In the afternoon, Osmond and the group pray for rain. A young woman asks for a safe evening. He says everyone can eat. Osmond wanders around the stage, making passing comments to the group. He instructs several shirtless men the stage seems crooked.

During the concert, it begins to storm, ending the drought. Osmond says it was meant to be. They had to believe. Several people pass out from the humidity and some of his crew end up in the emergency room. Osmond assures his manager that everyone is still alive and a few doctors stayed to help. His manager throws up his hands and says he’ll figure out a way to handle the situation.

Director: N/A Year: 1989

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