Video Review: Kyle “To The Moon”

On the gray rock, Kyle waits for the okay to be on the moon.

He sits in the center of the control room with his two co-pilots. He dances by the wing. While lights flash in the engineering room, he continues to dance.

Lit in mustard yellow, he and his co-pilots jump around in the capsule.

He wakes up on the moon and climbs on the rock. Some gravel slips through his gloves as he explores.

He drives a car in space.

He crosses his arms while standing in the capsule.

Rating: 3.5/5

It was a successful mission. Kyle was able to lead a study of the volcanos in the area. He discovered some dried lava, indicating some activity somewhere. The crew searched the various sections of the moon but weren’t able to find anything specific.

Returning home, he stared into the sky, looking for other ships. He saw stars form and explode. The command center interrupted his thoughts, asking for reports and stating their concerns. The sky was peaceful. From below, Earth was a mass of lines and curves, divided only by man.

Back at home, his supervisor praised him for his work and said he would be on other missions. He answered he would love to go again. It seemed to safer existing in the nothingness of the sky than on Earth. He wants to break a record. Everyday noises rattled him and after being up in space for three months, he has tough time eating regular food. At work, he signs up for the next available mission and works on his current assignment. While taking notes during a meeting, he sketches out a city he would create in space. He would live out there if he could.

Director: David Camarena Year: 2018

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