Video Review: Jade “One Woman”

Wearing matching black boots, Tonya, Di and Joi walk in unison on the sidewalk in the city.

Through a sepia filter, a car drives in the city. The person driving eyes the young woman walking on the sidewalk.

In a studio, Joi, Tonya and Di use chairs as they dance.

They dance as they walk by a brick wall.

Lit in blue, they walk down the stairs of a loft together.

Against a sky blue background, they smile and put their arms around each other.

They stop to pet someone’s dog on the sidewalk.

The young woman pinches a man’s butt as he talks on the pay phone. She turns his head to him as he laughs.

They continue to walk down the street.

Rating: 1/5

Joi asks Di about her current boyfriend. Tonya gasps as Joi answers that she found he was dating two other women besides her. Di says she dumped him right then and there. Di says she prefers being single, adding that when she’s in love, it’s all or nothing. Tonya says she doesn’t like to share.

Di sees a dog and they stop to pet it. Tonya says she’s thinking of getting a dog, stating it would be far more loyal than any man. Di and Joi burst out laughing. Tonya sees a shelter and they take a look at the various dogs in their cages. She falls in love with a withdrawn pit bull mix. Di says she’ll get her car and picks up Tonya.

Di drives Tonya home. Joi says she’s hungry. They decide to stop at a diner. A young man checks out Di. Joi nudges her and nods towards the young man. Di whispers that she’s not interested. Joi asks for the check and their server says a young man took care of it for them. Di says she’ll go over to him.

Joi watches as Di breaks out in a wide smile while talking with the young man. Joi drinks her coffee. A second young man calls out to her and she runs to give him a hug. He exclaims they haven’t seen each other in years.. Joi blushes as he compliments her on hair. She was so in love with him at one time. Di glances over at Joi and spots the second young man. It’s Joi’s moment. She talks about the second young man every once in a while. Di exchanges phone numbers with the young man.

Director: N/A Year: 1993

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