Video Review: Shamen “Move Any Mountain”

Gavin and Will fall into the a violet abyss.

The waves in the ocean flash a tiger orange. Will and Gavin face another as they face one another in the azure sea. They walk back to the shore together. They stand by Mount Teide in Spain. A young man and woman sit together on a rock. They fade in and out.

A second young woman raises her arms as she stands on the mountain. The sky changes to magenta.

Infrared green and orange coat Will’s body.

Mr. C lies down on the grass and stares at the sky. He dances in on the mountain.

Gavin and Will walk through a cornflower blue highlighted field.

Lying upside down, Mr. C raps, his body painted in a harsh green and blue.

A shadowy figures in a robe waves its arms.

Will bobs his head, his body painted with multi-colored stripes.

Will and Gavin walk on the mountain as oversized stars twinkle. They stand by a row of lime green curtains.

Lit in an infrared orange, Will and Gavin sing by the mountain.

Rating: 2/5

Gavin wanted to give up. He sat down on the rock and said he was out of breath. Will handed him some water and told him they had to keep going. Their spiritual guide is waiting for them. Gavin responds that no one man has the answer. He insists on returning home in the morning. Will lays out his blanket and tells him he’ll feel better once they get some rest.

While they hike up the mountain, Gavin hears the chanting. He closes his eyes and it stirs something within him. Will pauses and prays. Will explains he’ll finally know. As they walk, they meet a young couple camping. They ask if they are looking for the spiritual guide. Will says they have been searching for at least two days. The young man says they are leaving. The guide is out of reach.

Gavin sees the spiritual guide and taps Will on the shoulder. Will nods and they approach him. The guide speaks to them and wants to know about their life. Will wants to know how to discover his purpose. Gavin realizes he finally believes in something greater than life itself.

Director: N/A Year: 1991

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