Video Review: Shawn Mendes & Zedd “Lost In Japan”

Based on the 2003 film, Lost in Translation, Bob (Shawn Mendes) stares from the city of downtown Tokyo from the backseat of the car. He views his advertisement for Usuki on a billboard.

At the hotel, he accepts the gift from the manager.

In the elevator, he smiles at Charlotte (Allisha Boe).

Wearing his robe, his sits on his bed, unable to sleep. The curtains open early in the morning, startling him. He adjusts the showerhead. He sits by the mirror, rubbing his face.

Charlotte sits on the windowsill, looking at the view of the city. Bob films his advertisement. He listens to the translator between takes. The director continues to shout at him.

Bob nods his head while Charlotte sings at the karaoke bar. During his turn, Bob sings to her.

Charlotte sits on a chair inside the strip club. He opens the door and sits next to her. She rests her head on his shoulder.

Everyone dances in the elevator. Charlotte gets off at her stop. A fortysomething man points to Mendes and he gets off on the same floor.

Rating: 5/5

There were no scripts to read. Work had become less for Bob after a few social media mistakes. The commercials for Usuki were his main source of income now. His wife told him it didn’t matter and it was only a paycheck. It had been demoralizing fact to face. He won’t ever be in a classic movie and win an Oscar. The most he’ll ever be known for is a few blockbuster comedies and some poor choice of words said to a reporter.

Charlotte didn’t care who he was. During their first meeting at the bar, she explains it’s the third time in Japan. However, she’s thinking of going home early. Her husband is too busy trying to get a famous actress to notice him. While they spend some sleepless nights at the arcade and running through the downtown area, he learns she feels trapped in her relationship. She isn’t sure what she is meant to do. Bob tells her he thinks he’s capable of more. However, no one wants to see it.

Neither want to act on their attraction. It would wreak havoc in their lives. They are likely not to see each other again after the trip. But he has to try. On his last day, he kisses her and whispers in ear for her to find him once she’s back home. They both live near each other. She says she won’t ever stop looking for him.

Director: Jay Martin Year: 2018

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