Video Review: Halsey “Without Me (Version 1)”

Halsey puts her hand over her mouth. Sitting on a stool, she touches her breast and puts her hand on her chest. She lets out a scream. She makes a fist and moves her shoulder.

Water pours over her and she runs her hand through her hair. She tugs at her tank top and puts her hands on her knees. The water drenches her. She shakes the water out of her hair and snaps her tank top. She puts her hands on her forehead and lets the water hit her.

Rating: 0/5

Halsey arranges her stool in the center of the apartment and sets up the camera. She presses the “story” button on her social media and sits on the stool. She explains to her thousands of followers she’s had a tough time lately. She apologizes for not being there for them as of late.

On the side, her followers write “it’s okay” and “we’re for you!” With their encouragement, she explains she’s been going through a horrible breakup. She shakes her head, stating it’s all his fault. He didn’t know what he had. He thought he could better. However, he’s going to miss her.

Her followers call her ex-boyfriend names and troll his social media.

She starts to rant and scream that he made a mistake. Some of her followers ask if she’s okay. She says she needed to get it off her chest. Maybe seeing her anger will help in some way.

A few hours later, she sees the number of followers have dropped and realizes there’s a thread on Reddit about her video. She deletes the negative comments and creates another video, calling out the people who hate-watch and says she’s still making money off of them.

She checks her text messages and sees one from her ex-boyfriend, wanting to know if she’s all right. A tear rolls down her cheek and she texts back that she really needs him right now. He says he can talk for a while.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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