Video Review: Jennifer Lopez & LL Cool J “All I Have”

A crystal snowflake spins in the air and lands on Jennifer Lopez’s pink coat.

Against a black background decorated with green snowflakes, LL Cool J and Lopez stand next to each other.

Lopez walks on the sidewalk. LL Cool J sits on the couch in his apartment, thinking of Lopez cuddling beside him.

She holds a key and stands by a pick-up truck. She glances over and sees him hanging out in the alley with his friends. She walks into his apartment and starts to pack up her things. While carrying her suitcases, she trips on the floor. She turns her head and sees them fighting in the family room. During the argument, she pushes the snowglobe on the table and it breaks on the floor.

By her luggage, she picks up the Statue of Liberty figurine that was once inside the snowglobe and looks at it. Her cell phone rings and she sees it’s LL Cool J. She answers her phone and they talk. Midway through their conversation, she snaps her phone shut.

LL Cool J walks home. She places a present for him underneath the Christmas tree. With several suitcases, she walks home. LL Cool J opens the present from her and it’s the key he gave her. He throws it into the fire. Her friends meet her and help her with her bags.

Rating: 3.5/5

During Thanksgiving dinner, Jennifer Lopez kept checking her phone and looking at the door. Her sister placed her hand over hers and gave her a sad smile. She put her phone away in her purse and listened to her uncle’s stories growing up with her father. After sobbing for several hours, she called up LL Cool J and ended the relationship.

LL Cool J believes she’ll be back. He calls her while she’s at his apartment and tells her to think it through. She responds that she can’t wait for him anymore. He talks over her, saying he’ll see her the weekend. She hangs up on him. His friends ask him how it went. He tells them she’ll get over it.

She gave him back his key. He sits on the couch and thinks of when he first asked her to live with him. She had been cautious but he convinced her. Over the years, they had fought but she always kept the key. She was really gone. He tosses the key and shakes his head. He really screwed up and knows it can’t be fixed.

Her friends comfort her and take her bags. Her best friend puts her arm around her and says she’s really proud of her. Lopez tells her best friend she’ll only stay for about a week. She’s going to look for apartments tomorrow. Her best friends hugs her and says there’s no rush.

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2002

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