Video Review: Aaron Hall “I Miss You”

Aaron Hall pets his dog by the pool. His wife, wearing sunglasses and a cover-up, blows him a kiss.

He leans against the wall next to the kitchen in his home.

In their bedroom, he watches his wife takes off her robe. They sleep together.

Filmed through a sepia filter, he holds onto her as she throws a ball to the dog in the backyard.

He picks up a picture frame from the table and looks at it.

In the kitchen, he rubs her belly as she bakes. She sets up the mobile in the nursery while he smooths the wallpaper. She clutches her stomach. He puts her hand on her stomach and she says she’s okay.

He gives her a puppy. She pets the puppy as he reads to the baby. She wakes up in the middle night and cries out in pain. She drinks some water and collapses on the floor.

In the hospital, he says it’s going to be all right to her as the doctors and nurses rush her into the emergency room. He waits with his family as the doctors operate on her. The doctor tells him they was there nothing they could do for his wife. His brothers hold him as he starts to cry.

During the funeral, his mother holds his newborn son. He carries son as he touches his wife’s coffin.

At home, he changes his newborn son’s diaper. The puppy sits beside them. He shows his son a picture of his mother. They visit her grave and talk to her.

Rating: 5/5

Aaron Hall knocks on his 16-year-old son’s bedroom door. His son yells at him to leave him alone. Through the door, he can hear his son play video games. Something is bothering him. His grades are falling. He doesn’t know what to do. His son refuses open up to him.

Hall blames himself, though. After his wife’s death, he shared stories about her with his son. His son continued to ask questions and at some point, Hall shut his son out. It hurt too much to talk about her. He punched a hole in the wall. She should be here with her son. It was unfair. She was excited to be a family and couldn’t wait to hold her son. She never got the chance.

He and his son started to eat dinner in separate rooms. All Hall wanted to be was left alone. However, it was at the cost of the relationship to his son. His once athletic son quit football and skipped a few classes. During a teacher-parent conference, a couple of teachers told him he wasn’t doing well in his classes.

He calls his sister for help. She offers to let her nephew live with her for a while. She suggests her nephew may talk to her. He gets along with his cousins and they would be there for him. He and his sister make the arrangements. He wishes his wife was here. She would know what to say. He slams a cabinet door and cries.

Director: N/A Year: 1994

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