Video Review: Lauren Jauregui “Expectations”

In black-and-white, Lauren Jauregui, watches the birds fly in the sky. She looks out the window of her home. She rests her hands on the railing in the courtyard. She walks down the hallway, glancing at the mirrors hanging on the wall.

Wearing tight leather. a second version of Lauren stands in the rose garden.

The second version of herself faces the mirror while the first Lauren stands at the sides.

The first Lauren runs into the courtyard, looking over her shoulder. The second Lauren brushes her hair from her shoulder as she walks. The second Lauren dances on the patio as the first version of herself watches. The second Lauren crawls on the floor as the first version of herself gasps. The second Lauren cuts the first version of herself’s neck. Blood splatters on the mirror.

A dove rests on the second Lauren’s finger in the garden.

Rating: 4/5

The cutting words are second nature to Lauren Jauregui now. She sips her tea while on a date with an investment banker. As he discusses the stock market, she believes he could crush him. He explains he’s grateful to have a met someone friendly in the city. Moving from the Midwest had been rough.

At her doorstep, she kisses him hard on the lips and starts to take off his clothes. He asks her if she’s okay with it and nods yes. The next morning, she tiptoes out of her room and instructs her maid to wake him up in an hour. He has to be gone.

He calls her and she ignores him. However. she returns his calls two weeks later, saying she’s falling in love and trying to deal with it. He says he doesn’t expect anything. She grits her teeth and then asks if he can come over. She wants to be with him. She sleeps with him and says she loves him. They are meant to be.

He continues to call her. His voicemails are concerned pleas and then become heartbroken wails. After a month of silence, she knows he no longer cares about her or anything else. It was simply too easy. After her last disappointing relationship, she let her heart become cold. Love doesn’t exist.

Director: Lauren Dunn Year: 2018

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