Video Review: The Jets “You Got It All”

Eugene, LeRoy, Haini, Eddie and Rudy stand at jukebox inside the diner. They pick a song and then sit at the counter together. Mary Lou (Elizabeth) wipes the counter with a cloth. She peers at a young man sitting in one of the tables by the window and watches him pay at the register.

She follows him out into the parking lot and he fades away after they talk. Back inside the diner, she pours the milkshakes and serves them.

Eugene, LeRoy, Haini, Eddie and Rudy perform at a club. As Mary Lou sings, she sees the young man sitting in the audience. She walks past the dancing couples and finds him at his table. He hands her a rose.

Mary Lou and the two servers snap their fingers and dance in the diner. Pink bubbles of Mary Lou singing fly about in the diner and on stage.

Eugene, LeRoy, Haini, Eddie and Rudy snap their fingers in the parking lot.

Mary Lou closes up the diner by herself. She sniffs the rose and places it on the counter.

Rating: 3/5

Mary Lou found a vase in the stock room and put the rose in water. Her best friend and co-worker asks who gave her the rose. She blushes and responds it was the young man. Her best friend smiles and wants to know when they are going out. Mary Lou says it’ll be on Sunday.

On their date, the young man compliments her on her voice and asks her how long she’s been singing. She answers since birth. She wanted to be like her older brothers growing up. He asks her what she plans to do after graduating high school. She says she’s planning to go Los Angeles. Her parents and brothers don’t know. She knows she can be a solo act.

The young man comes in to visit her during her shifts. Her boss takes her aside and tells her to end the relationship. She’s not allowed to date customers. Her best friend comforts her on break. She says she doesn’t know what to do. She only needs the job for a couple more months.

Her parents find her plane ticket to Los Angeles and want to know why she didn’t say anything. They want to know if her boyfriend is pressuring to leave. She runs up upstairs, crying, shouting for everyone to go away. Her sister opens her door and says they are only looking out for her. She explains their parents went through a lot of rejections as they tried for professional careers. They make decisions as a family.

The young man waits outside for her after her shift in his car. He says they can run away together. He’ll drive them to Los Angeles. She tells him she can’t. Her family won’t let her. He says she can’t stay in the diner forever. He asks her what she wants. She says “him.” She’ll give up her singing career to be with him. He responds he can’t let her do that and tells her they’ll figure out something.

Director: Stephen Rivkin Year: 1986

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