Video Review: Walk The Moon “Tiger Teeth”

At night, a float with a dragon’s head blows smoke during a festival in downtown Tokyo. Nick stares at a light flickering in a building. He continues to walk on the sidewalk.

In the hotel, lit in scarlet red, he and Kevin sit on the windowsill.

On the subway, he leans his head against the pole.

Listening to his headphones, he rides the elevator in the hotel.

Kevin gazes the Rainbow Bridge. He stares at the twists and turns inside the mall and then rides the elevator.

Eli looks up at the trees in Kamakura.

A young woman drums inside the float.

Nick dances in the street.

Inside a club, Nick, Eli, Kevin and Sean watch several young women play the drums.

Lit in electric blue, Walk the Moon perform in the street. Nick sings at a karaoke bar. The neon lights from the building illuminate the band as they stare at it.

Rating: 4/5

Nick orders some sushi at Sushi Saito. The server asks him how he’s been. Nick responds in Japanese that he’s good. He explains the band in town for some a photo shoot. However, he explains his family is meeting him for a couple extra days. He’s going to take them on his personal tour of the city.

Nick visits his favorite arcades after dinner. He plays at Club Sega and eats some edible Sega logos for dessert. He receives a text from some of his friends and they ask him if he wants to go to a karaoke bar. He asks his bandmates if they want to come along.

In the morning, he takes a walk through the trail in Kamakura and prays to the Buddha as he passes. He views the cherry blossoms of the trees and buys some flowers for his mom. He takes the bridge back into the city. Looking at his cell phone, he realizes he has to get to the airport. His family will be arriving soon. He hails a cab. His family is going to fall in love with Japan.

Directors: Dusty Kessler & Eric Maldin Year: 2018

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