Video Review: Fuel “Falls On Me”

A record producer moves the control of the sound board in the studio. Carl tunes his guitar. Kevin listens to the producer. Headphones around his neck, Brett waits for his cue. Jeff parks his car. Brett goes outside to talk to him. Kevin plays the drums.

A pot of coffee sits on the table. Brett sings into the microphone. A young woman leans near Jeff and listens to him play.

Brett plays a video game with some friends. Jeff plays with his laser pointer. Jeff and Carl play basketball in the driveway. The band discusses photographs from a photo shoot earlier in the week.

Jeff drinks some water between takes. Brett listens to the last take. Carl balances his pick on his finger. The producer pretends to drum Kevin’s head.

Brett, Jeff and Carl play foosball.

Jeff drinks a beer at a friend’s house. Kevin spins a lemon on someone’s finger. Brett plays golf with a beet.

The producer removes the tape from the machine. Kevin talks on the phone.

Rating: 1/5

It had to be right. Brett took off his headphones during a take and said he didn’t hit it the note the way he wanted. The producer told him he was doing good. They can do another take to be sure. However, it sounds okay to him. Brett says he wants to try it again.

The producer says it’s time for lunch and that he’ll see them in an hour. In the break room, a friend of theirs asks if he wants to play a game. He wins a game and lets out a shout. Jeff hands him some water. Brett says he needs to calm down. They got another six hours to go.

After lunch, they start a new song. However, the producer mentions something isn’t working with it. Carl makes some suggestions. Brett thinks it may need to be a ballad. The producer likes the idea and says they should try it. The producer says they can take another break and come back later.

Brett says he heard there was a foosball in the game room and heads to the reception desk. The receptionist  points them to the correct door. The producer interrupts their game at 4:30 pm and says it’s time to finish. They end the game and work until 6 p.m.

At 6:05 p.m., Kevin talks to one of his friends who invites the band over dinner. He says they’ll be there in an hour. Over dinner, they talk about the different takes. One of Kevin’s friends remarks it’s as though they never left their 9 to 5 jobs. Brett nods in agreement as he eats. Carl adds, “same job, different quota.”

Director: N/A Year: 2003

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