Video Review: Halsey “Without Me (Version 2)”

In the corner of the family room, Halsey sits on the floor. She opens her eyes.

At the bar, she and her boyfriend drink Jagerbombs. She cuddles next to him as she sits on the stool next to him. Back at home, she rubs his back as he vomits in the toilet.

In black-and-white, Halsey stands in the shower and puts her hands in the running water.

They dance at the bar. Halsey crawls on the counter. She helps him out of the bar. A man punches him and he falls on the ground and she yells at him. He holds onto her as they walk home. She continues to argue with him.

At home, she cleans his wound on his eye. While lying on the rug, they share a bottle of liquor. A rose sits in a beer can. Halsey takes a shower and he joins her.

They drive into a tunnel. She listens to music on the headphones and they lie on the hood of the car. In black-and-white, she sits on the hood of the car alone.

At home, she puts on lipstick and counts the money. She sees him and searches his pockets for the money. He gets in her face.

In black-and-white, she sits on the bathtub.

They laugh at a bonfire. He drinks at the bar by himself. The police arrest Halsey and her boyfriend. He watches her from the back of the police car. She shows him her hands and walks back inside the house.

She sits in the bathtub.

Rating: 3.5/5

Halsey didn’t want to call the police. But she had no choice. Her boyfriend was stealing from her. She always seemed to be short. On her bank statements, she kept incurring fees. She called the bank and advised her that she had gone below the limit. She explains she didn’t take anything out. They said there were several withdrawals which caused it.

She wanted to believe it was one of his friends. They were several she kept her distance from whenever they came over. However, when she was home, they lounged on the couch and drank beer. At the bar, he told her they were family to him and he couldn’t turn his back on them. As she chugged her beer, she thought of a couple of friends who had run into trouble. They weren’t bad people, just had gotten themselves into unfortunate situations.

In the morning, she went to put on grandmother’s ring. She looked at the bottom of the box and saw it wasn’t there. She searched the floor and the bathroom. As she opened and closed drawers, she asked him if he had seen it. He had told her no. She found a gun in the bottom of the closet.

After they made love in the shower, he said he had to run. He returned home with cocaine. She bit her lip and told him she was going to back to sleep. On the way to work, she reported him to the police. She couldn’t look over her shoulder for the rest of her life.

Director: Colin Tilley Year: 2018

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