Video Review: Ben Folds Five “Brick”

Ben Folds plays the piano inside a studio.

A young woman (Ariana Richards) touches her baby bump in her driveway.

Behind Darren, Ben and Darren, a projection screen behind him features the young woman standing in the same spot.

Someone drives through a neighborhood and picks up the young woman in front of her house. She and the person continue to drive into the city and onto the expressway.

Darren plays the violin, his feet soaked with water.

The young woman sits in the waiting room. The flourescent lights glow as the young man walks back and forth in the waiting room.

The young woman lies in the bathtub. It overflows. Cars drive on the expressway. She walks back inside her home.

Rating: 3/5

Charles. He would be a teenager by now and trying to pick a college. Ben Folds cradles his newborn son in the middle of the night and sees a shadow of a teenage Charles by the door. He hopes someday Charles forgives him. Charles never got the chance to exist.

As a teenager, having a baby would’ve disappointed their parents. His parents realized he was spending time with his girlfriend but preferred not to think of him having sex. Then, he got her pregnant. They had no choice to hide it from their parents and get an abortion. During the holiday break, they drove 2 hours to a clinic. He took the money he was saving for a car. She withdrew money from her college fund, telling her parents it was for tour expenses and applications. They both returned their Christmas gifts.

However, they found out anyway. She was bleeding and experiencing cramps. Her parents had to take to the emergency room. She had to tell. His father simply held at the hospital.

His newborn son won’t ever know Charles. However, Folds won’t allow himself to forget. Although Charles may be not be alive, he’s a part of his family. He’ll be the missing piece.

Director: N/A Year: 1997

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