Video Review: Dean Lewis “Be Alright”

Dean Lewis walks away from his girlfriend (Maria Evoli) in their home in Mexico City, Mexico. She pulls at his arm and follows behind him. She watches take the stairs.

They sit at the window, looking at one another.

Lit by the stray lightbulbs hanging in the hallway, he continues to walk and enters the library. He walks into the backyard.

In the library, she hands him a drink. She finds a book on the shelf and reads from it.

He walks down the street.

She sits across from him and rubs his arm. She dances for him. As she sits in his lap, they both drink.

She opens the window in the library and waves her hand. In the morning, they sleep together in bed. They dance in the library.

In the center of a maze, they stand across from each other. She reaches for him and he walks away. She waits and then follows him.

Rating: 3.5/5

Dean Lewis hasn’t said a word since he got up. From the bed. she heard him make some coffee. She puts on her robe and turns to kiss him. However, he moves away from her as he reaches for a plate. She helps him but he mutters he can do it himself. She sighs,  grateful for the short sentence. As he cracks an egg, she tells him she took the day off and was planning go to a maze. He glares at her and sits at the table.

She looks up the page from her book and turns her head to the family room. He’s laughing on his cellphone. She listens while he scoffs in response. She gazes at the bookshelf and sees his favorite book.  She climbs on the chair and starts to read it. It’s the only piece of him she seems to have left.

He texts her at 3 pm, saying he’ll go the maze with her. He takes her hand as they search the curves of the circle. She feels around the bush and they discuss what turns they need to make. However, once they finish, he walks without her. She pauses somewhere in the maze and accepts his goodbye.

Director: Jessie Hill Year: 2018

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