Video Review: Major Lazer & Tove Lo “Blow That Smoke”

During the night shift, Tove Lo bites her lip as she sits on the bed. She closes the curtain and makes the bed. She pushes her cart of toilet paper and trash across the motel parking lot. She leans against the wall of a vacant room and smokes during her break.

After her break, she pushes her cart again and glances inside the window of a room. She knocks on the door and puts her ear on the door. She opens the door of the candy red-lit room and pauses at a curtain. Moving the curtain, she enters an unfamiliar world.

Wearing a velvet long-sleeved top with an open back, she glances at the people dancing in the campground. Diplo nods her from a balcony. As she brushes the leaves of the trees, she sees people sitting and watching. Diplo pours out his drink.

Inside a resting area, she sits with several people, talking and listening to music. A bottle of liquor chills in a container.

Back in the forest, a woman smokes and they almost kiss as she inhales. The people continue to dance into the night. She joins in the routine with the dancers.

She falls into a lake. It swirls, transporting the partygoers to the motel room. Several people play spin the bottle. Wearing her uniform, she dances.

Her boss walks up to the room and peers through the window. He knocks on the door and the people run back to the curtain. After opening the door, he sees her turning on the lamp. She lets out a sigh of relief.

Rating: 4.5/5

Tove Lo stretches out her legs on the sofa after work. A pile of dirty laundry sits beside her. She really should put  it in the washing machine. There is only one more uniform left for her to wear. She has tomorrow off anyway. It can wait until then.

During the day, she takes naps in between phone calls and sending out resumes. She has a phone interview in the afternoon. As she washes dishes and folds the laundry, she goes over as to how she’ll answer the questions. It has to go well and lead to an in-person interview. The night shift left her sleepless and bored. There’s nothing to do on her days off. Everything is closed.

On one of her shifts, she discovers a portal to a free-spirited world. Her visit almost led her to being fired. However, she learned to avoid the lake. A young woman, a working mom, told her about the exit in the resting area. The people were like her: escaping their lives for fifteen minutes or even days. An older man landed there a decade ago and never left. She asked him if any family was missing him. He shrugged as he drank his beer, saying he grew up in the foster system and had no one.

During one of her shifts, she said she was only going to stay for her 45 minutes. However, it became a day. Once she left, she realized it was daytime and her cart had been taken by her manager.  Her boss wanted to know where she was. She said had left. He wrote her up and said it was her final warning.

She checks her voicemails after the meeting. It was the human resource person at the job, asking her to call them back. She calls them back and accepts the job.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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