Video Review: Carly Rae Jepsen “Party For One (Version 1)”

Carly Rae Jepsen carries her luggage as she walks into the hotel and stops at the desk. The clerk face plants into some sandwiches. She asks for the key to room 1761.

Once inside her room, she turns on the light and takes off her skirt. She  opens the minibar and looks at the various selections of Absolut. Sitting on the bed, she flips through the channels. She leans against the wall and then sighs as she looks into the bathroom mirror.

A buisnesman sets his suitcase down as he sits on the chair. He reads a magazine. A young woman smokes and picks up a photo. She burns a hole on her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend’s forehead A young man sits in the bathtub. He drinks and eats spaghetti.

Jepsen sings into her remote and jumps on her bed. The buisnessman dances. In a split screen of three squares, Jepsen throws a pillow on the left while the buisnessman dances on the top right and the young man blows bubbles in the bathtub.

A sixtysomething woman enters her room. She takes off her coat and reveals her lacy underwear. In a split screen, a 15-year-old young woman cries as she watches televison.

Jepsen receives a delivery. The sixtysomething woman inspects the dildo. A twentysomething woman cuts her bangs in front of the mirror.

All the guests of the hotels are each given their individual squares.

The lights go off. The young man puts his hands over his ears. A fortysomething woman grabs her two dogs. The guests head downstairs to the lobby. The clerk scans people with his flashlight. Jepsen wanders in the lobby. As the clerk holds a tray of drinks, the lights turn back on.

After drinking and dancing, the guests walk to the elevator. Jepsen walks back into her room again.

Rating: 3/5

Carly Rae Jepsen pets the fortysomething woman’s dogs and says they are so adorable. The fortysomething woman tells her they are all she has. The lights went off and she grabbed them first. Jepsen agrees, saying they are like family.

A sixtysomething woman clinks her glass with hers and they toast to having fun. The sixtysomething woman tells her Jepsen will found someone new soon. She adds she still continues to date and brings her toys with her. She never knows if she needs them. Jepsen asks about a specific toy and the sixtysomething woman explains how it’s supposed to be used.

A 15-year-old asks Jepsen for relationship advice. Jepsen assures it will get better. The 15-year-old thought he was the one and he would be her high school sweetheart. She tells her maybe someday they’ll meet again. But she may find someone in her 20s who will love her completely. The 15-year-old young woman gives her a hug.

Jepsen thinks of her how ex-boyfriend would’ve rushed her out of the lobby and found the guests weird. However, she had fun getting to know them. She and the sixtysomething woman plan to meet for breakfast of champagne and eggs in the morning.

Director: Bardia Zeinali Year: 2018

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