Video Review: Clean Bandit, Marina & Luis Fonsi “Baby”

Marina performs at a wedding reception. Luke walks with Luis Fonsi. The priest (Jack) opens the church doors. The priest greets Luke and Fonsi. Grace, wearing her wedding dress, primps with her maid of honor.

Grace walks down the aisle. A young woman (Starley) drives and stops at the beach. She watches Grace stand at the altar. Marin sings the hymn. Grace takes the ring.

Grace thinks of when she was sixteen at camp. At the campfire, she exchanged a plastic ring with the young woman. Marina sings as she roasts her marshmallows.

Grace dances with her husband, Fonsi at the reception.

At the talent show, Marina sings. Grace plays the cello while Starley sings.

Fonsi says his vows. Grace thinks of the young woman dancing by herself at the reception. Back at camp, Grace and the young woman hide underneath the sheets hanging on the clothesline. The camp director finds them. They play archery. The camp director disciplines the young woman and Grace. The young woman reaches for Grace’s hand.

Fonsi performs at the reception. Grace, Marina, Luke, Jack and the young woman dance.

Rating: 5/5

In between songs, Marina gives a toast. She says a general platitude about her love and tells Grace how much she loves her. She walks off stage and gives Grace a hug. She wipes a tear away from Grace’s eye and tells her it’ll be okay.

Marina didn’t want to lie in her toast and say it was the greatest love of all time. She’d had known Grace since they attended summer camp in their teens. Grace fallen for a young woman. In their cabins, Grace had asked her if she would still be her friend if she liked girls. Marina said it wouldn’t ever be an issue.

However, it was an issue the camp found unsavory. The camp director had shamed both the young woman and Grace. Grace distanced herself from the young woman and cried every night. Back at school, Grace threw herself into a long-term relationship with a guy. Marina knew her heart wasn’t in it and only hoped one day Grace would be comfortable with herself.

Fonsi gets on stage and says he wants to sing a song he wrote for his wife. Grace blinks back tears. Marina puts her hand on her shoulder.

Director: Clean Bandit Year: 2018

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