Video Review: Camila Cabello “Consequences (Version 2)”

A man plays the keyboard in a recording studio. Camila Cabello sits on a stool, singing. She closes her eyes and opens them again as she brushes some hair off her shoulder. She runs a hand over her arm.

She sits with the producer, listening to the song. He sits beside her, hand over his mouth. She opens the door inside the studio and waves at the orchestra. A conductor hugs her.

The conductor waves his baton as the violinists play. She wears headphones. Back on the stool, she hits her chest with her hand. She writes in her notebook. She closes her eyes again while sitting on the stool.

Rating: 3/5

Camila Cabello thanks the orchestra for realizing her vision of the song. As they put away their instruments, her manager says she’s proud of her. Cabello responds that it was tough to sing. The strings brought up some painful memories.

She heaves a sigh and then talks to some of the violinists. One young woman says it’s her first, real job as a musician. She usually teaches whenever she can. Her students were so excited when she told him she was playing for her. Cabello says she’ll make a video to say hello to them. The young woman takes out her phone and they record the message. A second violinist has mainly played for ballet. He mentions he was tired of the constant Chopin. She asks him about the company and says she wanted to be a dancer when she was younger. However, she didn’t have the patience for ballet.

She and the producer talk for a while. He says the song turned out really well. She tells him she pleased with it. She hopes the public likes it as well. She adds that she wants to take risks and maybe produce herself someday. She doesn’t know what will happen two years from now. She wants to learn as much as she can. The producer tells her to enjoy her current success.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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