Video Review: Spice Girls “Let Love Lead The Way”

Flames surround Victoria Beckham, wearing a black dress, while she raises her arm in the desert at night. Melanie Chisholm bends down, reaching for the drops of water. Water flows from the ceiling onto the platform. Emma Bunton lies on the grass and holds of the end of her green dress in the forest.

Chisholm, Emma, Victoria and Melanie Brown stand together on the aqua platform as the water flows around them.

Feathers fly in the air as they sit together in a white room. They sit together in the forest.

Brown moves her arms in the air as she stands in the white room. Chisholm splashes the water.

In the forest, they stand together as it rains. A fire burns behind them while the wind blows.

Rating: 2/5

No one knows what to expect from Melanie Chisholm. She runs into the ocean, fully clothed and swims as far as she can. She waves to her friends as they call for her to come back. Some of her friends walk out to the ocean halfway. As she gets closer to them, they breathes of sighs, saying they were worried. However, for her it was a release.

Emma Bunton refuses to eat meat. She tends a garden at her home and travels to foreign countries to help volunteer. She wants to change the world. Currently, she’s in the process of one of the children she met while providing aid. She encourages her friends to vote and keeps up with politics. Her friends know they can come to her if they are confused about a particular issue.

Melanie Brown is the one everyone turns to when they need to talk. She’s patient and willing to stop whatever she’s doing to help. People know they can trust her. Although she’s calm, she stands up for what’s right.  People don’t expect it from her. They think she’ll be a pushover and be quiet. However, she wants to speak up for people who can’t.

Victoria Beckham says what she wants. No one tells her what to do. She’s protective of her friends, biting her tongue at times, knowing her brutal honesty might be taken the wrong way. It has ended some close friendships. However, she can’t hold back all the time. Some things need to be said.

Director: N/A Year: 2000

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