Video Review: A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera “Say Something”

Ian plays the piano on stage.A young woman lies next to her boyfriend in bed and turns away from him. He stares at the wall.Chad walks to the piano and listens.

A single drop of water of falls. The young woman sits up in bed. Christina Aguilera walks by a bed frame and touches her cheek.

A little girl holds her teddy bear and throws the covers over herself. A person’s hand feels the droplets of water on their fingers. A couple argues. The little girl hides under the bed with her dog.

Chad sits on the piano. A seventysomething man kisses his dying’s wife forehead as she lies on the hospital bed. He sits next to her and sobs. He kisses her cheek.

Aguilera joins Chad by the piano as Ian continues to play. The young woman leaves her boyfriend. He watches her walk away. The little girl reaches for her mother’s hand. The young woman, seventysomething man and little girl walk by themselves in the center of the stage.

Ian finishes playing and walks away from the piano. Chad walks in the opposite direction.

Rating: 2/5

The little girl cuddles with her dog as she plays a board game with her aunt. Her aunt asks her how she’s doing. She says her invisible friend has been hanging out with her a lot more lately. The little girl adds she even gives her dog extra treats. Her aunt asks her if her invisible friend is with them as they play. The little girl says no, she couldn’t come.

The aunt rolls the dice and says her invisible friend is invited over for the weekend, too. Her niece was going through so much right now. Her sister was divorcing was her husband. She was glad her sister finally realized her husband was a selfish jerk. However, she knows her niece misses her daddy. She gives her niece a high-five for winning the game.

The little girl eats her chicken nuggets and asks if she’s going to see her daddy again. Her aunt exchanges a look with her husband. Her sister’s husband wasn’t intending on coming back. He already created a family with his girlfriend. She answers she’ll see her daddy sometimes but she doesn’t know how much.

After tucking her niece in for bed, she talks to her husband and says the doctor called her in the afternoon. Her sister isn’t doing any better after her breakdown. Their niece is going to be staying with them for a couple of months. She glances at the bedroom and notices her niece fall asleep, teddy bear in her hands. Her husband puts his hand on her shoulder.

Director: Christopher Sims Year: 2013

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