Video Review: Dinah Jane, Ty Dolla $ign & Marc E. Bassy “Bottled Up”

A young woman flips the sign to closed as walks to her station.  A second stylist rolls up her hair dryer while a young woman with long, red hair hands a folder to Dinah Jane at the desk. She opens her cash drawer and waits.

She and several dancers perform a routine in the hallway.

At the Dream Market, she talks with some of her friends from work in the parking lot. A group of guys tap the window. She gazes at one of the guys through the window.

She stands with Marc. E Bassy and Ty Dolla $ign as a car moves up and down behind them.

She hugs her Lyft driver and talks with her friends as they get out of the car. Inside the convenience store, her boyfriend puts her arm around as they pick out snacks.

She slides against a graffitied column inside a warehouse.

A male friend of hers buys some beer. The young woman swigs liquor from bottle on the way to the register. A fourth young woman sucks on a lollipop while she sits on a shelf.

She flips her hair and walks back to her desk.

Rating: 2/5

Dinah Jane closes her register for the night. Her friend asks her if she’s hanging out with them tonight and she answers yes. A stylist turns up the radio up in the back and dances as she sweeps the floor. Dinah Jane punches out and dances as she waits for her friend. The manager answers the phone at 10 pm. Her friend gives her an exasperated look. They can’t leave until their manager says they are done.

Twenty minutes later, she and her friends catch their Lyft car and go the convenience store. Her boyfriend picks up some chips and she finds a lipstick. One of her friends, holding an open bottle, says she couldn’t wait. The clerk jokes with her friend as she pays. Her friend mentions that she can’t afford the bar but at least she knows she can have more than one drink.

In the parking lot, they talk with some friends who stop by. Dinah Jane takes her boyfriend aside and says she can pay her share of the rent from last month. He tells her he was able to cover it and to save up what she was. She bites into a chip and dips in the salsa. The car repair wiped out whatever little she had a couple of months ago. She rubs her belly, thinking of her doctor’s appointment in the morning. He doesn’t know yet. She hopes she doesn’t have to say anything.

She stares at the dive bar across the street. The parking lot was packed. Groups of twentysomethings were laughing as they entered the bar. She tells her boyfriend she wants to go home.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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