Video Review: Ariana Grande “Breathin'”

Against a black background, Ariana Grande touches her face as smoke passes over her face. Smoke covers her body.

She sits on a stool inside a dark bar. The lights turn on over the tables as she puts her head in her hands. People hurry by in a blur, buying drinks and flirting.

She steps out of the smoke.

She sits on her luggage while waiting at the train station.

She leaves the busy bar.

Inside the train station, people eat at the restaurants and carry their suitcases as they leave from work. She checks the times and sees the negatives on departures information board. She sits on a bench. The people remain still as she walks through the station. She lies on the ground as people continue to pass by her.

Against the black background, the smoke forms into a cloud. A cloud covers part of her face.

In the sky, she swings on a cloud.

Rating: 5/5

Life isn’t ever going to slow down, Ariana Grande thinks as she orders another drink at the bar. She can’t even remember where she is right now. A drunk twentysomething young woman approaches her and opens her arms for a hug. She pats the young woman on the back as they hug. The young woman exclaims “Omigod!” over and over. She gives the young woman a small smile and brushes some hair over her ear. The young woman’s friend apologizes and says they are both fans. She thanks them. The young woman’s friend tells her they have to leave now. The young woman whines that she didn’t get a chance to tell Grande that she’s rooting for her.

Grande pays for her last drink and leaves. It was one of better encounter she’s had. In large crowds of people, she wants to hide. People leer at her and judge her while others harass her. Sometimes she can push back and say something. However, she usually stays at a polite distance.

She gets into the car waiting for her. While sitting in the backseat, she looks at her train ticket. It’s back to Los Angeles for some photo shoots. At least she’ll be home. In the early morning light, she sees a series of plush clouds in the sky and her breathing returns to normal.

Director: Hannah Lux Davis Year: 2018

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