Video Review: Anne-Marie “Perfect To Me”

On a VHS tape, Anne-Marie, wearing a white sports bra and sweatpants, sits on a white sheet in a studio. She explains the meaning of perfect “has changed every year throughout my life.” Over home video footage of her as a baby and a child was competing in karate. While video footage shows her playing a guitar, she wanted to be “as skinny as possible.” As an adult, she explains in the studio, she says “it’s being different.”  A screen next to her displays her face as she answers the questions.

In the studio, she rests her hand on her forehead and lies on the sheet.

A graying fortysomething woman and a young woman with an Afro sit on the couch together and laugh. In video footage, a freckled young man dances in the hallway.

In a classroom, Aaron says the meaning of perfect is “tough.” A twentysomething woman with short hair sighs and says “it’s a really good question.” A mother laughs with her daughter, who has Downs Syndrome.

During a photo shoot, she wears a black bodysuit with multiple cutouts and waves her fan. The photo for the perfume is displayed in a billboard in a large city. The stylists apply makeup and comb her hair.

A twentysomething young woman with a messy ponytail does a pirouette in a dance studio. She says that “I have an image in my head…of that Barbie body that enforces young girls that it’s perfect.” A twelve-year-old young woman says “it’s filter after filter after filter.” A twentysomething man with a beard responds “that to be truly perfect is to be you.”

A plus-sized thirtysomething woman flexes her muscles. A thirtysomething shirtless young man folds his arms across his chest. A sixtysomething woman smiles.

At the photo shoot, a filter tans Anne-Marie’s body. The stylists remove her hair extensions.

The freckled young man says “it’s to be stand out in any room I’m in and it’s just ‘you’re weird.'” The thirtysomething shirtless young man explains that he’s a personal trainer and he believes perfect is “how someone feels in their own body.” An eight-year-old girl says it’s her best friend, who is her little sister.

Anne-Marie says “perfect for me is freedom to feel what you want to feel.” Back at the photo shoot, she takes off the belt around her waist.

She wipes her makeup with a cloth and takes off a fake silver nail.

All the people involved sit with Anne-Marie in the studio. They pose for a group photo.

Anne-Marie finishes taking off her makeup.

Rating: 5/5

Anne-Marie stares at the recent magazine cover. Her hips are smaller and her body has a blinding glow to it. It’s not her. The hair isn’t even hers. She prefers her hair in a bob. Parts of her head still hurt from the extensions.  In her cheap graphic t-shirt and jeans from a discount store, she decides to have some ice cream for breakfast.

The diet is finally over. She’s been craving ice cream for over a month. However, she had to maintain her size for the photo shoot. It was implied she could lose a few extra pounds. She digs her spoon into the carton and eats it as she reads her phone.

Her friends from back home congraulute her on the magazine cover and say she looks awesome. She says “thank you.” However, they don’t know how hungry she was or she had hard time breathing in the outfit. It’s an imagined version of herself on the magazine. She couldn’t even try to be the version of herself in her daily life.

She opens her refrigerator and gets out the sprinkles. She pours them over the ice cream and continues to eat.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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